Pepsi catch a crore, PSL Pepsi catch a crore

Pepsi Catch A Crore | PSL Pepsi Catch A Crore 2023| what is Pepsi catch A Crore

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Pepsi catch a Crore2023 is a great initiative by Pepsi Pakistan to reward cricket fans who came to watch HBL PSL matches live in the cricket ground. As PSL 8 schedule has been announced and matches will be held in four cities namely Karachi, Lahore, Multan, and Rawalpindi in Pakistan.

Pepsi announced a huge amount of one crore rupees for all those cricket spectators who will catch a six-ball when it came to the stands. Pepsi catching a crore is a good opportunity for the people in the stands who would catch a six in PSL 2023. Pepsi Pakistan sponsored “Pepsi Catch a Crore” in all previous seasons of the Pakistan Super League and going to sponsor Pepsi Catch a Crore 2023 as well.

PSL Pepsi Catch a Crore 2023 will exciting offer for cricket fans in the stands to try their luck to hold on to a six-ball and earn some great reward in terms of money. The one crore amount will be divided equally amongst the number of people who will catch a six in the entire HBL PSL 8 season with terms and conditions will be applied.

Pepsi catch a crore, psl pepsi catch a crore 2023

What is Pepsi Catch a Crore?

Pepsi Catch a crore is a sponsored campaign by Pepsi Pakistan in the Pakistan Super League, in which a One million PKR award is set aside for those cricket fans who would catch a six in a cricket stadium stands.

what is Pepsi catch a crore? Pepsi catch a crore

What is the total amount of Pepsi Catch a crore?

In past seasons Pepsi offers one crore rupees in cash prize money for the lucky fans.

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