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Pickleball Court – Complete information

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To play Pickleball, the most popular and emerging sport in the world you need a Pickleball court. Having a convenient location to play is crucial to improving your pickleball skills. Gaining the greatest enjoyment from your court can be facilitated by understanding the fundamentals, whether you’re using it for intense competition, lighthearted games with friends, or as a temporary surface for an occasion.

So what are the dimensions of a Pickleball Court? How big is Pickleball Court? Can you play Pickleball on a tennis court? You don’t need to worry we will provide you with a guide to Pickleball court size, lines, and more.

Pickleball court Terms

Before going into the details of the size of Pickleball Court layout we learn about the terms of Pickleball court.

pickleball court lines name

Baseline: This line sits parallel to the net at the end of the PB Court.

Sidelines: these lines are the side boundaries of the court and are equal to the length of the Pickle ball Court.

Kitchen or Non-Volley Zone: the seven feet on either side area from the net is called a Kitchen or NVZ. This is the area where players cannot step in while playing, if they do they will lose the point. Players cannot volley or serve the ball from the Kitchen area, due to its propinquity to the net.

Centerline: this area extends down the center from the baselines to the kitchen, dividing the court.

Service Area: This area consists of either side of the centerline, including the centerline, sideline, and baseline excluding the NVZ area on both sides.

Net: The Net in Pickleball is 36 inches high, net size should be equal to 21 feet between posts.

Pickleball Court Dimensions and Size

According to the United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA) the dimensions of Pickleball should be the same for singles as well as doubles. The Pickleball size is 20 feet wide by 44 feet long. According to the USAPA rules minimum playing area is 30 feet wide and 60 feet long in which outbound areas are included.

The Pickleball court size in meters is 6.10 m wide by 13.41 meters long and the overall area should be 9.14 m wide and 18.29 m long. Within the Pickle ball court, there are some unique areas for example the kitchen area which is 20 ft wide and 7 ft in length. The service areas on both sides are 10 ft wide and 15 ft long. 

Pickleball court layout and dimensions

Pickleball net Height

The height of the Pickleball net is 36 inches at the sidelines and 34 inches high at the center. The net height of Pickleball is slightly lower than the tennis net.

Pickleball net height

What is Pickleball court made of?

The Pickleball court surface could be anything as it can be played indoors and outdoors area. This sport can be played on concrete, asphalt, Astroturf, clay, or even on grass. Indoor and outdoor surfaces can be different.

The dedicated outdoor pickleball courts are made of special polyurethane material and concrete & asphalt are also used to make PB courts. Asphalt and concrete are the best options for outdoor courts as these materials can resist harsh climate conditions.

Are Pickleball and Tennis courts the same?

Pickleball and tennis court size is different from each other but Pickleball on the tennis court can be played by drawing the right measurements of PB court. The tennis court is a lot bigger in size it is almost 77 percent long and 80 percent longer than the PB court. Here are some basic differences between the two courts’ dimensions.

TermsTennis CourtPickleball Court
Court Length78 feet44 feet
Court width27 feet20 feet
Net height42 Inches (36 Inches in center)36 Inches (34 Inches Center)
No Volley ZoneNone7 feet from the Net
Service Area Length21 Feet from the net15 feet from the baseline
Service Area width13.5 feet10 feet
Total Surface Area2,106 Sq. feet880 Sq. feet

Hopefully, we find the answer can Pickleball be played on a tennis court as we see the difference in size between the two courts in the given comparison table. 4 pickleball courts on tennis court can be drawn by carefully marking out the correct measurements and drawing lines.

Pickleball Court Colors

Green and blue are the most common colors used in a Pickleball court but there is no binding for using any other color combination for making a PB court. You can use yellow, green, blue, or any other color. Here are some color combinations that can be used for court.

Court ColorNVZ ColorBorder Color
PurpleYellowLight Blue
Light GreyBlueStadium Blue
BurgundyTerracottaGrass green

Portable Pickleball court

A portable Pickleball court or Pickleroll court is the alternative to the established Pickle ball courts. As the number PB players increase exponentially every year not everyone gets the proper time for playing in dedicated courts. Portable Pickleball courts can be set up on any exiting badminton, basketball, volleyball, or tennis courts as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pickleball Court?

The Pickleball court is the area where Pickleball is played. It can be indoor or outdoor as well.

What is Pickleball Court Size?

The standard size of a Pickleball court is 20 by 44 feet means 20 feet wide and 44 feet long in dimensions.

How many Pickleball courts fit on a tennis Court?

4 pickleball courts can be made out on a tennis court by taking correct measurements.

What are the dimensions of a Pickleball court?

According to the USAPA, the dimensions of Pickle ball court are 6.10 m wide and 13.41 m long.

Can you play Pickleball on a tennis court?

Yes, you can play Pickleball on a tennis court by marking out the right lines for PB court.

Where is Cross Court Pickleball?

The cross court Pickleball is located in Hawthorn, New York with 6 dedicated courts to play Pickleball.

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