Australian Open prize money

Australian Open Prize Money 2024

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Are you looking for Australian Open Prize Money 2024? In this article, we will give you complete detail about the 2024 Australian Open prize money. The Australian Open tennis tournament is one of four grand slams of the world.

ATP Aus Open attracts the top tennis players in the world. Players like Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcaraz, and Rafy Nadal are among the top pool of players who participate in the AUS Open every year.

The total Australian Open Prize money 2024 will be around AUD$ 79.6 million. Aus Open 2024 prize money is increased from last year. AO Open is one of the highest-paying tennis tournaments in the world.

The Prize money Australian Open 2024 distributed across different categories including:

  • Qualifying Singles
  • Men’s and Women’s Singles
  • Men’s and Women’s Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles

Australian Open prize money 2024 for singles winners also earned more money this year than the last edition of AO open. The Aus Open 2024 winner will pocket an enormous amount of $30,15,000 AUD.

Australian Open prize money 2024 List

Here is the complete detail about prize money of Australian Open 2024 for each category

Singles$30, 15,000$1,935,000$990,000$595,250
Double( Per Team)$705,000$390,000$260,000$135,500
Mixed Double$175,650$95,950$56,800$35,650

Australian Open Prize Money for Men’s and Women’s Singles

Here are details of the Australian Open 2024 prize money for Men’s& Women’s singles winners and other players.

StagePrize Money
Winner$30, 15,000
Runner UP$1,935,000
Sami Final$990,000
Round of 16$350,150
Round of 32$255,650
Round of 64$170,650
First Round$125,950

Australian Open Qualifying Prize money for Men’s and Women’s Singles

In AO 2024 tennis players also get money for playing the qualifying round as well.

StagePrize Money
Round of 32$60,250
Round of 64$41,775
First Round$29,150

Australian Open doubles prize money 2024 Men’s and Women’s

Here are the details about the Australian Open doubles prize money 2024 per team.

StagePrize Money
Runner UP$390,000
Sami Final$260,000
Round of 16$75,150
Round of 32$55,650
First Round$35,950

Australian Open Prize Money Mixed Doubles

Here is the detail about AO open tennis prize money for mixed doubles per team.

StagePrize Money
Runner UP$95,950
Sami Final$56,800
Round of 16$17,150
First Round$8,150

Aussies Open 2024 offers a great amount to its participants and gives them a great opportunity to gain good ATP points and pocketed a hansom amount too.

Australian Open Prize Money History

Here is the Australian Open total prize money breakdown for last year

YearTotal Prize Money

Note: The above-mentioned amount of AO Prize money 2024 is not yet been officially announced and may vary from the original amount. When AO announced it officially we will update it here.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the prize money for Australian Open?

The prize money for Australian Open tennis has increased from the last year. This year Aus Open 2024 total prize money is AUD$ 79.6 million.

What is the Australian Open Prize money this year?

The Australian open tennis prize money for men’s & women’s single will earn AUD $30, 15,000 this year.

Who is the current champion of the Australian Open?

Novak Djokovic is the current winner of the AO singles title. He won the 2023 Australian Open final against Stefanos Tsitsipas

What is the Australian open prize money 2024 winner?

The amount for the singles Australian Open prize Money 2024 winner is AUD $30, 15,000 while the winner of doubles will earn $705,000.

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