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Australian Open Tennis Tournament

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The Australian Open tennis tournament which was founded in 1905 is one of the grand slams which is held each year. This tournament is held each year at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Australian Open 2023 schedule

The qualifying round will be started on Monday 9th January and the first round will start on Monday 16th January and the final will be played on Sunday 29th January.

Qualifying Round

9th January                                          Men’s Qualifying’s single

                                                            Women’s Qualifying’s single

Start of Round 1

16th January                                        Men’s Singles

                                                            Women’s singles

18th January                                        Men’s Doubles

                                                            Women’s Doubles

19th January                                        Mixed Doubles

21st January                                        Joiner Boy’s Singles

                                                           Joiner Girl’s Singles                                        

Legend’s Doubles Exhibition                                      

22nd January                                       Joiner Boy’s Doubles

                                                           Joiner Girl’s Doubles

24th January                                        Men’s Wheelchair Singles

                                                            Women’s Wheelchair Singles

                                                           Quad Wheelchair Singles

Quarter Finals                                   Men’s Singles

                                                          Women’s singles

25th January                                        Men’s Wheelchair Doubles                                                             Women’s Wheelchair Doubles 

Quarter Finals                                   Men’s Singles

                                                          Women’s singles


26th January                                        Women’s singles

27th January                                        Men’s Singles


 28th January                                       Women’s singles Final

29th January                                        Men’s singles Final

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