French open tickets prices 2024

French open ticket prices 2024 – Roland Garros Ticket cost

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French open ticket prices 2024, the price of French Open tickets ranges from €10 for the qualifying round to € 1585 for the gold category for the men’s singles final. Roland Garros is the second-oldest grand slam tennis tournament in the world.

The 2024 French Open will start on June 16 with the qualifying round, while the main round will be held from May 28 to June 11, 2024. The Ronald Garros 2024 will be held in Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France.

The French Open administration provides various ticket categories from court Philippe-Chatrier, Suzanne-Lenglen, and Simmone-Mathieu, outdoor, to book tennis lovers from gold to outdoor court facilities. It’s up to you which seat you book according to your budget.

The French Open is mainly played on four different courts, namely Philippe-Chatrier, Suzanne-Lenglen, and Simmone-Mathieu, all of which are outdoor, here is the complete ticket price for each court. French open 2024 tickets court wise detail is given here.

In this article, we will provide you with the details of Roland Garros ticket prices.

French Open ticket prices for Philipe – Chatrier

DateSessionCat. GoldCat. 1Cat. 2Cat. 3
29th May 2024Day€110€90€80€60
29th May 2024Night€90€80€60€50
30th May 2024Day€90€75€60€45
30th May 2024Night€85€70€55€40
31 May 2024Day€95€80€65€50
31 May 2024Night€90€75€60€45
01 June 2024Day€130€110€90€65
01 June 2024Night€120€100€80€60
02 June 2024Day€150€125€100€75
02 June 2024Night€145€120€95€70
03 June 2024Day€175€145€115€85
03 June 2024Night€170€140€110€85
04 June 2024Day€175€145€115€85
04 June 2024Night€130€110€90€65
05 June 2024Day€145€120€95€70
05 June 2024Night€120€100€80€60
06 June 2024Day€175€145€115€85
06 June 2024Night€155€130€105€80
07 June 2024Day€175€145€115€85
07 June 2024Night€155€130€105€80
08 June 2024Day€120€100€80€60
09 June 2024Semi-Final 1€170€140€110€85
09 June 2024Sami – Final 2€170€140€110€85
10 June 2024Women’s Final€180€150€120€90
11 June 2024Man’s Final€320€265€210€160
Philippe-Chatrier French open ticket prices

The center court at Roland-Garros is Philippe-Chatrier, where every tennis player in the world aspires to play. Since the 2020 Tournament, it has been outfitted with a retractable roof and illumination for nighttime play, ensuring an elite lineup for the champions’ coronation.

You will have a numbered seat if you have a ticket for a Day Session on Court Philippe-Chatrier.

You are also permitted to watch games in open sitting on the outdoor courts with your ticket.

French Open Philipe – Chatrier ticket Price for Wheel Chair Users and People with Disabilities

DateSessionWCU Cat. 1WCU Cat. 2PWD Cat. 1
29th May 2024Day€80€60€80
29th May 2024Night€60€45€60
30th May 2024Day€60€45€60
30th May 2024Night€55€40€55
31 May 2024Day€65€50€65
31 May 2024Night€60€45€60
01 June 2024Day€90€65€90
01 June 2024Night€80€60€80
02 June 2024Day€100€75€100
02 June 2024Night€95€70€95
03 June 2024Day€115€85€115
03 June 2024Night€110€85€110
04 June 2024Day€115€85€115
04 June 2024Night€90€65€90
05 June 2024Day€95€70€95
05 June 2024Night€80€60€80
06 June 2024Day€115€85€115
06 June 2024Night€105€80€105
07 June 2024Day€115€85€115
07 June 2024Night€105€80€105
08 June 2024Day€80€60€80
09 June 2024Semi-Final 1€110€85€110
09 June 2024Sami – Final 2€110€85€110
10 June 2024Women’s Final€130€100€130
11 June 2024Man’s Final€220€170€220
French Open ticket prices

The WCU and PWD will have to book separate seats for accomplishing persons.

French Open ticket Prices for Court Suzanne-Lenglen

DateBoxCat.1Cat. 2Cat. 3WCU, Pwd Cat.1 Price
28th May 2024€215€95€70€55€70
29th May 2024€215€95€70€55€70
30th May 2024€190€85€65€50€65
31 May 2024€205€90€70€55€70
01 June 2024€270€120€90€70€90
02 June 2024€305€135€100€80€100
03 June 2024€350€155€115€95€115
04 June 2024€350€155€115€95€115
05 June 2024€295€130€100€80€100
French Open ticket prices

From 6th June 2024 To 11th June 2024 the Court Suzanne-Lenglen will become an Outside Court.

By booking a ticket in Court Suzanne-Lenglen, you will become eligible to watch all four matches with a numbered seat that day. You will also be eligible to watch tennis matches on Roland Garros outside courts on open seating as well. Your ticket entitles you to the open seating in the upper stands of the court Simonne-Mathieu.

French Open Ticket Prices for Court Simonne-Mathieu

Day & DateCat. 1
Sunday 28 May€75
Monday 29 May€70
Tuesday 30 May€60
Wednesday 31 May€60
Thursday 1 June€85
Friday 2 June€95
Saturday 3 June€110
French open ticket prices

From 4th June To 11th June 2024 the Court Simo – Lenglen will become an Outside Court

By booking a seat in Simo – Lenglen, you can watch all 4 matches that day with access to lower stands seating. It will also make you eligible to have access to open seating in outside courts.

French Open ticket Prices for Out Side Courts for General Public and WCU, PWD.

Day and DatePublic, WCU, PWD, PricesUnder 25 years old
Sunday 28 May€39
Monday 29 May€39
Tuesday 30 May€39
Wednesday 31 May€39
Thursday 1 June€39
Friday 2 June€39
Saturday 3 June€39
Sunday 4 June€34                             –
Monday 5 June€20€10
Tuesday 6 June€20€10
Wednesday 7 June€20€10
Thursday 8 June€20€10
Friday 9 June€20€10
Saturday 10 June€25€12
Sunday 11 June€25€12
French open ticket prices

By booking a French Open ticket in this category, you will get access to all of the outside courts. Meanwhile, in 2024, you get first-time access to the high stands of Court Simonne-Matieu, with open seating.

French Open ticket Price for Qualifying Round Ticket Price for the Public, WCU, PWD

DateFull PriceUnder 25 years
Monday 22 May€25€15
Tuesday 23 May€20€10
Wednesday 24 May€20€10
Thursday 25 May€20€10
Friday 26 May€20€10
French open ticket prices

French Open ticket prices for Semi-Final 2024

8th June, ThursdayDay, 1st Sami Final€ 490€ 390€ 290
9th June FridayDay/ 2nd Sami Final€ 480€ 385€ 290
French open ticket prices

At the men’s and women’s singles semifinals on Court Philippe-Chatrier, you will sit in the same seat number. Also, using your ticket entitles you to open seating at outdoor court matches

French Open Final Ticket Price 2024

10th June 2024Day€ 530€ 420€ 325
11th June 2024Day€ 530€ 420€ 325
French open ticket prices

At the men’s and women’s singles semifinals on Court Philippe-Chatrier, you will sit in the same seat number.

Important Note:

Children under 6 years can have access to all courts, they will be given a special bracelet while entering the court but it will not give them the right of occupying seating. They will have to sit on the lap of their accomplice

WCU (Wheelchair User) / PWD (People with a Disability): You get a preferential rate on all main court tickets. If you wish to come with an accompanying person, you must take 2 tickets.

You must always ticket online from the official ticketing partners of the French Open.


The French Open gives you the opportunity to watch tennis action with international superstars of the tennis world. To book a ticket for Roland Garros French Open, choose from outside court open seating or the golden box in Court Philippe-Chatrier.    


All the Above information is collected from Ronald Garros official website. Tickets price may vary from the prices given above


What is the Ticket Price for French Open?

Tickets price in French open tennis can be different for different courts and categories.

What is the Final ticket Price for the Roland Garros French Open?

Ticket prices for the final of the Roland Garros French Open are starting from € 315 for category 3 to € 520 for category 1.

How to book French open 2024 tickets?

French open 2024 tickets can be booked from the official ticketing site of the tournament.

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