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IPL Prize Money 2024: How Much Prize Money for IPL Winner?

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IPL prize money 2024 will be higher than the last Indian Premium League (IPL) prize money. IPL is one of the most well-known and lucrative professional Twenty20 cricket leagues in the world.

This cricket league, established in 2008, attracts star players from all over the world to compete for ten franchise that represents different Indian cities. The IPL offers huge prize money to the winners in addition to entertaining millions of cricket fans.

The IPL winner prize money for the 2023 season is around Rs. 50 crore with Rs. 20 crores ($2.45 million USD) going to the IPL Winner team.

The IPL runner-up prize money is around Rs. 12.5 crores (about $1.3 million USD), while the third and fourth-place teams each received Rs. 8 crores (roughly $1 million USD) and Rs. 7 crores (roughly $0.680,000 USD).

IPL Prize Money 2024

StagePrize Money in INRPrize Money in USD
Winner20 Crore2.45 million
Runner -UP13 Crore1.3 million
Qualifier8 Crore1 million
Eliminator7 Crore0.68 million

The top four teams in the league receive cash awards, with the champion receiving a huge share of the IPL prize money in dollars. Since the league’s start, the IPL’s prize money has grown dramatically, making it one of the cricket leagues.

IPL Prize Money for Players

Indian Premium League offers additional IPL prize money for players during and at the end of the season. In IPL. The Orang Cap, Purple Cap, Emerging Player of the tournament award, Most Valuable Player award, and Most sixes award is also given to players.

Awards NamePrize In INRPrize In USD
The Orange Cap15 Lakh18,250
The Purple Cap15 Lakh18,250
Emerging Player of Tournament20 Lakh24,330
Most Valuable Player of the Tournament12 Lakh14,598
Super Striker of the Season15 Lakh18,250
Maximum Sixes award12 Lakh14,598
Game Changer of the Season12 Lakh14,598

The Orange Cap: The most sacksful batsman of the IPL gets the orang cap and the prize money.

The Purple Cap: The Highest wicket-taker of the IPL season earns the Purple cam and the prize money associated with it.

The expanding success and popularity of the IPL are reflected in the prize money, which has increased over time. The prize money for the league’s initial season in 2008 was only Rs. 4 crores (about $540,000 USD), with the winning team taking home Rs. 2 crores (around $270,000 USD).

The prize money increased to Rs. 40 crores (about $5.4 million USD) in 2020 before rising to Rs. 48 crores (around $6.7 million USD) in 2022 as the league gained popularity and income.

The IPL prize money is only one factor in the league’s financial success, it is important to remember that. The league earns a large sum of money from a variety of sources, including sponsorship, television rights, ticket sales, and product sales.

This Year BCCI sells its media And Digital media rights to Disney Star, Viacom18, and Times Internet at a whopping price of INR 48,390 crore (US6.2 billion) for the 2023-2027 season.


As a result of the IPL’s increasing popularity and financial success, the IPL prize money has increased dramatically over time. Winning the competition can give team owners a sizable return on their investment while also serving as a big motivator for the teams and players.

The success of the IPL is evidence of the rising popularity of cricket and the desire for top-notch entertainment in India and around the world.

Note: These figures are most likely actual figures that will be upgraded when officially announced


How much does the IPL 2024 Winner team get?

The IPL prize money for the winning team increase in every season. The IPL 2024 winner team might get INR 20 crore in this season.

What is the IPL 2024 runner-up Prize money?

As the IPL winning prize is increasing in each season, we can assume the IPL 2024 runner-up will earn INR 13 crore in IPL 2024 season.

What is IPL Man of the Match prize money?

In every match one man performed for his team to win the match. The IPL man of the match prize money is one lakh, which is given to that man in the end of the match for his contribution to his team’s winning cause.

What is the price of Orange Cap in IPL?

The batsman who made the most runs in IPL seasons wins an Orange cap as a prize and also wins prize money of INR 15 Lakh.

What is the price of Purple cap in IPL?

The highest wicket-taker of the IPL season wins the purple cap and a prize money of INR 15 lakh as well at the end of each season.

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