Wimbledon Tickets Price

Wimbledon Tickets Price 2024

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Wimbledon tickets price 2024 have been officially announced. Wimbledon is the third grand slam tennis tournament in London, England. Tennis players like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray participated in this tournament.

Men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles are the competition’s five main events. Tennis matches are held on grass courts, which are thought to be the sport’s quickest playing surface.

In this article, we have provided full details of the 2023 Wimbledon ticket prices for different courts separately.

Wimbledon tickets Price 2024

Centre Court Wimbledon 2023 ticket Price detail is given below.

DayDateCentre CourtCentre Court Back Six Row
Monday01st July 2024£80£70
Tuesday02nd July 2024£80£70
Wednesday05th July 2024£100£90
Thursday06th  July 2024£100£90
Friday07th July 2024£130£115
Saturday08th  July 2024£130£115
Sunday09th July 2024£155£140
Monday10th  July 2024£155£140
Tuesday11th July 2024£185£165
Wednesday12th  July 2024£185£165
Thursday13th July 2024£220£200
Friday14th  July 2024£220£200
Saturday15th July 2024£255£230
Sunday16th  July 2024£255£230
Wimbledon tickets price


Wimbledon Centre Court tickets are the most expensive tickets for the Wimbledon Open. The Centre Court Rolex Wimbledon ticket price varies from the start of the tournament to the end of the tournament. It will cost £80 on day one, and on the final day, a center court seat can cost you £255.

Wimbledon Court No.1 Tickets price 2024

DayDateCentre Court .1Centre Court Back Six Row
Monday03rd  July 2024£80£65
Tuesday04th  July 2024£80£65
Wednesday05th July 2024£90£80
Thursday06th  July 2024£90£80
Friday07th July 2024£115£105
Saturday08th  July 2024£115£105
Sunday09th July 2024£140£125
Monday10th  July 2024£140£125
Tuesday11th July 2024£165£155
Wednesday12th  July 2024£165£155
Thursday13th July 2024£200£70
Friday14th  July 2024£200£70
Saturday15th July 2024£230£40
Sunday16th  July 2024£230£40
Wimbledon tickets price

Wimbledon Court No. 2,3 & Ground Pass ticket Price

DayDateCourt No.2Court No. 3Ground Pass
Monday03rd  July 2024£50£50£30
Tuesday04th  July 2024£50£50£30
Wednesday05th July 2024£56£56£27
Thursday06th  July 2024£56£56£27
Friday07th July 2024£75£75£27
Saturday08th  July 2024£75£75£27
Sunday09th July 2024£90£60£27
Monday10th  July 2024£90£60£27
Tuesday11th July 2024£47£20
Wednesday12th  July 2024£43£20
Thursday13th July 2024£20
Frid14th  July 2024£15
Saturday15th July 2024£15
Sunday16th  July 2024£8
Wimbledon tickets price

Wimbledon 2024 final ticket Price

The Wimbledon ticket price 2023 final is £255 on the center court, and for the back six, it is £230. The final ticket price for Rolex Wimbledon is the highest during the tournament.

Wimbledon Debentures Tickets

Wimbledon debentures tickets give each Debenture access to the most important seats of the center court and Court No. 1 for the five-year championship period.

Every five years, Wimbledon releases official Debenture seats that can only be bought in pairs. The best seats on both Centre Court and No. 1 Court are debentures. Also, these are the only seats that can be sold again.

How much is a Debenture seat cost at Wimbledon?

The Current Price of the Center Court Debenture 2021-2025 series is £80,000 per applicant. While for the Court No.1 Debentures, the series price for 2022-2026 is £80,000 per debenture.

What benefits of buying Wimbledon Debenture tickets?

By buying Rolex Wimbledon Debenture tickets, you will get a premium seat at center court and center court no. 1. The debenture holder can also resell his tickets. This ticket holder will have access to other facilities like restaurants and bar services, as well as a parking lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest ticket price for Wimbledon 2024?

Those who want to just visit the Wimbledon sports club can buy a ticket for £27 and that price goes down to £8 as the tournament proceeds.

For those who want to watch a match Court No.2 & 3 offered £47 tickets for the first nine days and from day ten, it will cost £43.

What is the Wimbledon 2024 Open final ticket Price?

The 2024 Wimbledon open ticket will cost £255 for the Center court.

How much are Wimbledon tickets cost?

The Wimbledon tickets price for the final is £255 which is the highest price in the tournament while the cheapest ticket price for a match is £46 for Court No. 2 & 3 during the start of the event.

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